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Let us declutter your home and life!

  • Can't find anything in a hurry?
  • Too embarrassed to have guests?
  • Drowning in paperwork? 
  • Want some help with a house move?
  • Just feeling totally overwhelmed with stuff?

You need The Clutter Fairy. We will help you to declutter your home, reorganise your belongings and turn chaos into calm.

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  • We care, we empathise and we never judge
  • We are efficient and will declutter at your pace
  • We will respect your things and your decisions
  • We are a professional, people led company
  • We will make the process of decluttering positive
  • We love doing what we do and when we don't we will stop


In 10 years we've worked with over 1000 happy clients and still counting

The definition of clutter is simple: having too much stuff for the space you live in. Decluttering is all about deciding what to keep and what to lose, so that you can learn to love your home again and take pleasure from the things around you. In just a few hours you will feel enlightened and be able to spend more time doing the things you like.


Check what our clients say about us

"Lesley provides quite a novel service and I have to say that it has transformed our household. We used to live in a house where we were rapidly approaching a situation where we couldn't move for 'stuff' cluttering the house and couldn't find anything when we needed it! For instance, my wife doesn't do filing..."

Mr C - Cheshire


"To say The Clutter Fairy has changed our family's life is an understatement. We can now welcome people into our home at a moment's notice instead of leaving visitors to talk on the doorstep, or spending a stressful week trying to hide the clutter, piling it into other rooms, having to close doors and dreading them..."

Mrs J - Merseyside


"I contacted Lesley after several failed attempts to re-vamp my lounge. I had suffered a close bereavement and was in need of advice. My lounge wasn't cluttered, far from it, it was cold and uninviting, made me sad. I had also just returned from a long haul trip and my lounge was decorated whilst I was away..."

Mrs T - Manchester