Lucy Cunningham

Hi! I’m Lucy, and I'm a big believer in “tidy house, tidy mind” which is why being part of The Clutter Fairy team is like a dream come true for me! I am naturally organised, and get a real buzz of satisfaction seeing the difference my work can make to others.

Having worked as a private and ad/hoc nanny for a number of years, I am well accustomed to busy households and completely understand how easy it is for “little” jobs to quickly turn into a mountain of work that seems difficult to manage.

My career in both nannying and decluttering/organising is largely formed based on trust, understanding and empathy, which is exactly what you will get with me.

I am a real forward-thinker, and this transpires into jobs such as raiding my pantry for meal inspiration a week in advance, and usually starting Christmas shopping in September! I love finding new ways to help keep my own stress at bay, and this often spills over into work I do for clients too.  

One thing I love about “clutter” is it tells a story about the household, and the journey the family have been through to reach this point. It feels so rewarding to help bring calm to a situation that may feel overwhelming.

An excellent session, I’ve only got positive things to say!

After our consultation we had a good plan of action, and Lucy calmed my nerves about the mess! On the day she immediately put me at ease, we started slowly going through my clothes and by the end I was confident in what I want to keep and what should go.

Her organisational skills were clear and she helped me massively organise my wardrobe.Overall it was a great, cathartic experience and we plan to have another session after her holiday.

Lucy was wonderfully sensitive, empathic, energising and inspiring. I even felt safe enough to just let her see how things are without first doing a manic tidy-up (lol).

 I also feel so reassured that if I struggle with energy during a 4-hour session that I can go take a break. I'm so grateful to have found a service where it's ok to be human. Looking forward to having help to release things that no longer serve me and make proper space for the things I love and that clarity and rest that brings! 

We will help you to declutter your home, reorganise your belongings and turn chaos into calm.