Who We Are

Your Clutter Fairy Team

The Clutter Fairy mission is to deliver a high quality, efficient decluttering service with care. It's not about the clutter you have, it's about how that clutter makes you feel. What we promise:

  • we care, we empathise and we never judge
  • we are efficient and will declutter at your pace
  • we will respect your things and your decisions
  • we are a professional, people led company
  • we will make the process of decluttering positive
  • we love doing what we do and when we don't we will stop
Lesley in a red top


"I'm so fortunate that my lovely team can help people feel enlightened and happier after just a few hours. We can't promise fairy dust and a tutu but we can promise to reignite the magic back into your home."

Katie in a blue top


"It's important to me to feel like my contribution makes a difference and it's so rewarding to see the weight lifted from people's shoulders once the clutter is gone and order has been restored."

Bev in a black top

BEV Howe

"I come into your home as a friendly face without judgement and I work with respect and confidentiality every step of the way. I'm so lucky to have found my true calling in life "

Karen in a white top


"It's such a privilege to be invited into someone's home knowing the decluttering and organising process can be life-changing for them. I'm lucky to have such a special job."

Lucy in a white top


"I love finding new ways to help keep my own stress at bay, and this often spills over into work I do for clients too. I couldn't love my job more."

Victoria in a blue top

Victoria Booth

"I have a passion for helping clients declutter and organise. Seeing their delight and sense of achievement makes me so happy. I'm extremely lucky to have found my vocation in life."

We have lots of happy clients. Do you want to see how they found working with us?

group of ladies in a garden smiling

We will help you to declutter your home, reorganise your belongings and turn chaos into calm.