​​​​Lucy Cunningham

Hi! I’m Lucy, and I'm a big believer in “tidy house, tidy mind” which is why being part of The Clutter Fairy team is like a dream come true for me! I am naturally organised, and get a real buzz of satisfaction seeing the difference my work can make to others.

Having worked as a private and ad/hoc nanny for a number of years, I am well accustomed to busy households and completely understand how easy it is for “little” jobs to quickly turn into a mountain of work that seems difficult to manage.

My career in both nannying and decluttering/organising is largely formed based on trust, understanding and empathy, which is exactly what you will get with me.

I am a real forward-thinker, and this transpires into jobs such as raiding my pantry for meal inspiration a week in advance, and usually starting Christmas shopping in September! I love finding new ways to help keep my own stress at bay, and this often spills over into work I do for clients too.  

One thing I love about “clutter” is it tells a story about the household, and the journey the family have been through to reach this point. It feels so rewarding to help bring calm to a situation that may feel overwhelming.

We will help you to declutter your home, reorganise your belongings and turn chaos into calm.