Karina Blanco-Usher

Hey there! I'm Karina, a mum of three and the conductor of the chaos that is our household. Between managing our family and helping my husband run our business, I've become a master of multitasking and organisation.

My love for interior design and DIY projects runs deep, and I'm always on the lookout for the next IKEA hack to tackle. But beyond just sprucing up spaces, I'm passionate about simplifying lives and reducing stress through decluttering and organising.

With a background in skincare consultancy, I've honed my listening skills and knack for finding solutions. My calm demeanour allows me to approach every project with tranquility, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience for my clients.

I believe that an orderly home equals an orderly mind, and I'm here to help you achieve just that.

From wrangling paperwork to revamping rooms, I'm your partner in reclaiming control over your space and your sanity. Let's banish the clutter and bring some much-needed calm to your world!

We will help you to declutter your home, reorganise your belongings and turn chaos into calm.