A common sense approach to de-clutter and re-organise our lives

​Lesley provides quite a novel service and I have to say that it has transformed our household. We used to live in a house where we were rapidly approaching a situation where we couldn't move for 'stuff' cluttering the house and couldn't find anything when we needed it! For instance, my wife doesn't do filing... unless it means filing into the dustbin, whereas I file anything I put my hands on... two extremes in other words. Lesley was recommended to us to get our house uncluttered. She came along to see us and, not only gave us sound advice, but also used her common sense approach to de-clutter and re-organise our lives. You'd be amazed at what a difference is has made to our house! Now all we have to do is follow the guidelines she has given us to maintain a happier and calmer house. We know where everything is and where to put things that we choose to hold on to. Lesley provides an excellent service and the end result more than justifies her fee.

Mr C - Cheshire

To say The Clutter Fairy has changed our family's life is an understatement

​To say The Clutter Fairy has changed our family's life is an understatement. We can now welcome people into our home at a moment's notice instead of leaving visitors to talk on the doorstep, or spending a stressful week trying to hide the clutter, piling it into other rooms, having to close doors and dreading them asking to use the bathroom. Since The Clutter Fairy and her team have been in my home, I have been able to host parties, pack for holidays effortlessly knowing everything is in its rightful place, and have the children's friends over anytime and take them out for days guilt free. These are things most people take for granted but for me and my cluttery home, even the thought would have filled me with stress and fear.

Having lived in our current home for nine years with children, and running a busy business, our home had become completely chaotic. With the due date of our new baby fast approaching, I couldn't see how I could bring a new baby into our home the way it was. After watching a TV programme, I was amazed to discover there was such a thing as professional organisers and declutterers, something I had been looking for! I searched the web immediately and after considering various websites I decided to contact The Clutter Fairy (a member of the Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers), and this has proved to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. I thought it would be embarrassing showing someone around my entire home but Lesley made us feel at ease and was non judgemental. I have found Lesley and her team to be extremely discreet and sensitive and, as they work in my home, they have helped me to see what's important to keep and what's not. They understand that some things are sentimental, and that's ok, it's not about throwing everything away, it's about keeping what's important in an logical, accessible, suitable place. I really look forward to the Clutter Fairy team coming to my home and feel a huge sense of relief as they leave with the vehicle jam packed with things that have been getting me down for years. Lesley has taught me new routines to maintain order and prevent me getting into a mess again. It is definitely money well spent as the happiness every member of our family now feels is priceless, I just wish I had found her sooner.

Mrs J, Merseyside

Organising, decluttering and staging with discretion, understanding and support

Setting the Scene
8 years ago, I lost my partner of nearly 30 years. Living? No, existing in a large house; rattling round with rooms that I may visit once a week or month, monthly outgoings humungous, obviously time to move.

Me - disorganised and de-motivated. My idea of filing – a foot high pile of papers; obviously the old ones are on the bottom – that is, until the stack falls over, around the two foot mark if you are interested.

I'm an extremely private person and the house is full of memories, mementos and 30 years of clutter. After several abortive attempts (over 6 years) to 'tidy up' so I can at least see what I have and then think the unthinkable - put the house up for sale – I gave up, took to my bed and said that's it.

Then I literally realised the path I need – a house doctor – like you see on TV. How to find – the internet.

I interviewed a couple who didn't feel quite right then Lesley stepped in. I knew immediately she was the one. Why? Very discreet, actually understood the problems. I wanted it done in 2 weeks. She suggested more gradually over 2 months. I 'gave in' – why pay a professional and then think you know better than them?

I am so glad I went with my gut feelings. She was right on every count – see below. We decided on a budget, times and terms. Her remit - to have the house ready for the estate agent's pictures (staging). Obviously there are several stages like de-cluttering, organising and designing the look and feel of the rooms before the end result is attained.

How did it work out?
Lesley arrived complete with bags for recycling, another colour for the tip, another for paper, and collapsible crates. Me – extremely nervous – here is a stranger going through my things. I really could not fault her. She got on with it and nothing fazes her.

The most important aspect was her understanding. Emotional stuff I thought I had dealt with suddenly comes to the surface via the memories unearthed. Anyone who has been bereaved will know what I mean. Suddenly you are in bits. Lesley knew immediately what the problem was and averted the potential disaster.

We worked in short periods of two/three days – which gave me time to recover and do my 'homework'. The end result is amazing. Not only my view but the estate agents who came to value the property.

Yes it is hard work - this decluttering and organising job – words I've never used before but now I have a house fit for a king and I'm proud of it as well.

Lesley can organise, declutter and stage superbly – exactly what it says on the box; but she brings other dimensions to the task; empathy and being discreet. She does it with feeling. Not only feelings for the job in hand but more importantly feelings for the client. She really does care and supports the client emotionally throughout. The other aspect she brings is her discreetness and she honours your privacy. Would I use her again. YES! Unreservedly and without question. My only regret. Not finding her 6 years ago.

Mr G, Manchester

A practical yet empathetic approach to sorting

​Lesley recently worked as a Clutter Fairy for a close friend who was downsizing to a much smaller house. Her practical yet empathetic approach to sorting out what should be kept from what could go was a terrific help, and her hard work made a challenging job so much easier. If you are wondering what a Clutter Fairy could do for you, don't hesitate to contact Lesley to see what she can offer.

Pam, Guildford

It was more like shopping with a good friend

​I contacted Lesley after several failed attempts to re-vamp my lounge. I had suffered a close bereavement and was in need of advice. My lounge wasn't cluttered, far from it, it was cold and uninviting, made me sad. I had also just returned from a long haul trip and my lounge was decorated whilst I was away. This turned out to be a disaster, as I was left with a canary yellow lounge following a paint mix up.

From the outset Lesley had inspiring ideas and soon put me in a positive frame of mind. I couldn't believe I hadn't thought of these myself - but that's why this is her job and not mine!

Our shopping trips were really exciting and fun. Lesley's gentle persuasion and positive attitude gave me a confidence I had lacked; I chose colours and textures with Lesley's advice always inspiring - it was more like shopping with a good friend.

The whole experience from start to finish has been amazing. It's very addictive being with Lesley, she gave me my lounge back, but not only that, I feel she transformed my life and finally, I was able to get back on track. I can honestly say Lesley left me wanting more - a fantastic service which I would recommend to anyone.

Mrs T, Manchester

Helen has been absolutely fantastic again

She has such a caring approach and gentle way of persuasion. Helen doesn't even have to speak, she just has a way of looking at something for you to know she means you need to do something about it.

It sounds silly to say but now we have been through the whole house it is like a weight has been lifted. It was always on my mind that I needed to declutter but didn't really know where to start. I can't believe I had so much stuff that I didn't need - we have got rid of 50-60 bags and I now have masses of spare storage space!

It all seems so simple - keeping one type of item in the same place and culling items, can't believe I needed somebody to tell me that!

I think the best part though is that Helen takes so much away with her at the end of the day to charity, another part of decluttering which has put me off starting.

I am absolutely delighted with everything we have achieved and it is wonderful that everything in my home now has its own place, it makes it so much easier to maintain and keep tidy.

Thank you once again to both of you.

The Clutter Fairy is now my best kept secret

​What an amazing revelation - The Clutter Fairy is now my best kept secret. Lesley has sorted out not only my clutter, but my whole approach to filing/organising/linking electronic and hard copy data/organising how I run my life and office. Decluttering my home and work space has also decluttered my mind allowing clearer thinking, better performance and more enjoyment. Decluttering my wardrobe removed half the clothes and showed me what I actually needed. I cannot thank Lesley enough; she has been so helpful and supportive, full of energy and good ideas, an ultimate professional and has quickly understood my foibles and strengths. It has been an absolute pleasure spending time with her and my mess; each week when she sweeps out with lots of my discarded clutter I am left feeling in control and very happy.

More than a clutter fairy she is a fairy godmother

In a high pressure job I have neither the time nor the energy to organise or declutter my personal life. Over the last 18 months Lesley has transformed my home and I no longer struggle to find matching socks or waste precious time trying to find items in a maze of clutter. She helped me get my house ready to put up for sale and alleviated all the stress of organising removal companies and even supported me on the day of the big move. Now Lesley is helping me find a new home that suits my lifestyle my taste and my needs with her unique attention to detail. No task is beyond her skills and she has such a sunny and calm disposition even in the most stressful of situations. More than a clutter fairy she is a fairy godmother!

We will help you to declutter your home, reorganise your belongings and turn chaos into calm.