​​​​Sue Rowlinson

I'm Sue; Godmum to two beautiful girls and part-time mum to a cheerful little dog called Frankie who gets me walking and makes me laugh. He also features heavily in my photography hobby.

During 28 years in the Civil Service I developed strong office organisation and time management skills; then I spent over 5 years improving and managing a caravan sales office where my organisation skills were frequently tested and I further developed my customer service passion.

I've also worked as a part-time caregiver, whilst establishing my home organisation business, which I loved as it was the first work opportunity to really see the difference I could make to someone's daily life.

As a Professional Organiser I can instantly see the difference I'm making to client's lives; it's terrific to see the weight lifted off someone's shoulders when they share their burden and realise that help has now arrived, and their goal can be achieved. I'm good at listening and enjoy the relationship that naturally develops when you're invited into a client's home and during the following organisation sessions. Many clients have remained friends and it is lovely to keep in touch and hear how life has changed for them after taking back control.

I'm lucky to have always been a naturally organised, logical person but I realise that everyone is different and has different life skills (I'd love to be more creative!); so I never judge, I accept where 'we' are and focus on what's needed to achieve the results my client wants – it's the way forward that's important. I look forward to continuing to make a positive difference to many people.

We will help you to declutter your home, reorganise your belongings and turn chaos into calm.