​​​​Karen Hall

I'm Karen - wife, Mum, grandma and daughter to my lovely Mum. I understand at first hand how needs change throughout the different stages of life. A system that worked even 5 years ago may not work now. Life constantly evolves and our homes need to reflect this changes so I'm on hand to help that happen.

It's such a privilege to be invited by a client to help declutter and organise their homes. Seeing the change in a client when their home has gone from chaos to calm in a few short hours never gets old! If the client's happy then so am I.

I have worked in the Civil Service and in an education setting so creating order in paperwork systems is a real passion of mine. Because of what life has thrown at me throughout the years, I love home organising and love to put control back into workspaces too.

I'm so proud to have volunteered at the Maggie's Centre and Breast Cancer Prevention charities. They needed order and I was there to help create it!

I'm calm, controlled and will be absolutely delighted to help you on your way to an orderly, decluttered and less chaotic home.

We will help you to declutter your home, reorganise your belongings and turn chaos into calm.